Fully Waterproof Stormguard 4X4 Covers

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  • Soft, Plush, Non-Abrasive, Non-Scratch fleece lining.
  • Full protection of car duco and interior from harmful sun rays.
  • UV protected.
  • Electro-Welded in high resistance PVC fabric for wet weather conditions.
  • Sizes available for most vehicles. Includes storage bag.

1 Year Warranty

4×4 Sizes:

  • Part No: 1/170 Small 4WD: Fits 4WD vehicles up to 4.1m (L410xW156xH130cm)
  • Part No: 1/172 Medium 4WD: Fits 4WD vehicles up to 4.5m (L450xW156xH145cm)
  • Part No: 1/174 Large 4WD: Fits 4WD vehicles up to 4.9m (L490xW156xH150cm)
  • Part No: 1/176 Extra-Large 4WD: Fits 4WD vehicles up to 5.4m with Canopy (L540xW186xH152cm)
  • Part No: 1/178 Extra-Large 4WD: Fits 4WD 4-door vehicles up to 5.4m with Style Side Ute (L540XW186XH152cm)


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1/170 Small 4WD, 1/172 Medium 4WD, 1/174 Large 4WD, 1/176 Extra-Large 4WD, 1/178 Extra-Large 4WD


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