Fully Waterproof Stormguard Sedan/Hatch Car Covers

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  • Soft, Plush, Non-Abrasive, Non-Scratch fleece lining.
  • Full protection of car duco and interior from harmful sun rays.
  • UV protected.
  • Electro-Welded in high resistance PVC fabric for wet weather conditions.
  • Sizes available for most vehicles. Includes storage bag.

1 Year Warranty

Sedan Sizes:

  • Part No: 1/180 Small: Fits vehicles up to 3.87m (L387xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/182 Medium: Fits vehicles up to 4.45m (L445xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/184 Large12: Fits vehicles up to 4.74m (L474xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/186 Large11: Fits vehicles up to 4.91m (L491xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/188 Extra-Large: Fits vehicles up to 5.16m (L516xW140xH125cm)
  • Part No: 1/190 XXL: Fits vehicles up to 5.8m (L580xW140xH130cm)
  • Part No: 1/191 XXXL: Fits vehicles up to 6.2m (L620xW140xH130cm)

Hatchback Sizes:

  • Part No: 1/183 Hatchback: Fits vehicles up to 4.5m (L450xW140xH120cm)

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions N/A

1/180 Small, 1/182 Medium, 1/184 Large12, 1/186 Large11, 1/188 Extra-Large, 1/190 XXL, 1/191 XXXL, 1/183 Hatchback

11 reviews for Fully Waterproof Stormguard Sedan/Hatch Car Covers

  1. Kathy

    One of the best covers i have ever owned, Highly recommend

  2. Dennis

    Perfect Fit, nice material, Good cover

  3. Matt

    I have purchased 4 medium car covers over the years they will last about 12-18 in the open then brown stains appear that can’t be rubbed off, cracking occurs soon after. Why does it crack open so soon? Other than that a good cover.

  4. Steven Gerald

    Great Cover better then any other ones i have used

  5. Ben

    Lovely thick cover. Feels like it will last years

  6. Peter

    Absolutely love my stormguard cover

  7. Kevin Brenton

    Good cover ,much better than the eeeebaaaay specials but the sun really wrecks it ,lasted 18months ,turned brown and cracked and peeled .Not sure if anything will stand up to the Territory sun .

  8. Damian

    A great car cover that does an awesome job, but it’s not indestructible (nothing is). I have been using this same product (SKU: 1/188) to protect my much loved 22yo (Nov-1997 build) Holden VT Calais since ~mid-2004 and thought I’d share my experience with other users whom have made some comments about the eventual brown staining and cracking.

    My Calais is not my daily drive nowadays (for many years now) and generally sits parked under a mostly open-sided single metaldeck carport in Perth in all seasons, as it has for all these years. I’ve used the same model car cover all these years (SKU: 1/188) and I’m about to retire my 4th StormGuard cover which is now starting to delaminate from the felt underlayer (i.e. continually rolled-over with the same replacement cover since mid-2004).

    Some years ago (mid-2009) I contacted the guys at Autotecnica, asking why I was ‘only’ getting ~2½ years out of my StormGuard covers. They told that, over time, notwithstanding the UV treatment, the Australia’s harsh sun attacks and breaks down the PVC outer layer. This was consistent with my experience whereby the most affected areas of the outer shell would eventually turn a rust-coloured brown around the same time it goes brittle and finally begins to delaminate in the discoloured PVC areas. During that same email exchange they suggested that I periodically wipe down the outer shell of the car cover, which might help prolong the life. Apparently this was all contained in the written car instructions, which I never read (duh)! Apparently this should be done every two weeks. I eventually adopted this maintenance regime, but only on a *very* ad hoc basis whenever the mood stuck. It mostly involved just hosing off the surface dust when it felt very dusty — certainly nothing like every two weeks for me..

    Long-Term Results:
    – StormGuard Covers #1 and #2 lasted 30 months each. (This was before the revised outer shell dusting maintenance regime.)
    – StormGuard Cover #3 lasted 43 months! (Started the maintenance regime from this cover onward.)
    – StormGuard Cover #4 (current near end-of-life cover) is currently at 55 months. (Although not documented, I’d say I have been a more proactive managing the cover’s surface dust maintenance with this one, based on the earlier success of Cover #3).

    So, based on my personal long-term experience, having some kind of dust maintenance regime to periodically remove (hose/wipe off) excessive dust build-up on the PVC outer shell has paid off handsomely in the form of much greater longevity than I ever expected! For me the concept of complying in some small way with the written care instructions re- periodic dust management of the PVC outer shell was great advice! Who woulda thunk?

    In closing, it’s worth re-iterating the my Calais is protected from the belting heat of Perth summers by having a metaldeck carport roof above it. However, that doesn’t protect it at the front or rear of my east-west oriented carport. Unsurprisingly, the front bonnet and rear boot areas are *always* the areas of my StormGuard covers that eventually fail first. YMMV, depending on your own set of circumstances.

    PS. Although my rubbish ‘garaging’ solution for my Calais is far from ideal the original Panther Mica (black) metallic paintwork still looks in near-showroom condition. It’s incredible just how well these car covers have protected it after all these years, along with the odd wash/polish throughout each year.

    (Disclaimer: in this age of manipulated social media I feel compelled to highlight the standard caveat that I’m a normal customer who has used multiple Autotecnica StormGuard 1/188 covers since ~mid-2004 (actually since 1999, if you count an earlier StormGuard cover that wasn’t included in these comments that was only used part-time). No affiliation otherwise, yadda, yadda…)

  9. Victor G

    Mine lasted a few years but the areas that were exposed to direct sunlight ended up turning brown and cracking, just like the others here have mentioned. Have to buy a new one now. It was good while it lasted though

  10. Russell

    Excellent cover, keeping the Jaguar nice clean and dry in the worst weather, and protecting it from the summer heat. The cover was so good, in fact, that someone stole it one night. Now, I have to buy another one.

  11. Pete

    Great cover for my collection of vehicles and expensive but like everything it degrades under the hot sun and gets burnt and cracks within 12 months but there is a simple solution to this problem I tried years ago and it works well to prolong the life of the cover as replacing the covers every 12 months or so can be quite expensive.
    I put on a much cheaper parachute type cover over the top of the Autotecnica to completely block out the the burning sun and it prolongs the life and is worth the effort as the parachute type covers are cheaper to replace as they also degrade in the elements.

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