Fully Waterproof Stormguard Sedan/Hatch Car Covers

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Fully Waterproof Stormguard Sedan/Hatch Car Covers

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  • Soft, Plush, Non-Abrasive, Non-Scratch fleece lining.
  • Full protection of car duco and interior from harmful sun rays.
  • UV protected.
  • Electro-Welded in high resistance PVC fabric for wet weather conditions.
  • Sizes available for most vehicles. Includes storage bag.

1 Year Warranty

Sedan Sizes:

  • Part No: 1/180 Small: Fits vehicles up to 3.87m (L387xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/182 Medium: Fits vehicles up to 4.45m (L445xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/184 Large12: Fits vehicles up to 4.74m (L474xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/186 Large11: Fits vehicles up to 4.91m (L491xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/188 Extra-Large: Fits vehicles up to 5.16m (L516xW140xH125cm)
  • Part No: 1/190 XXL: Fits vehicles up to 5.8m (L580xW140xH130cm)
  • Part No: 1/191 XXXL: Fits vehicles up to 6.2m (L620xW140xH130cm)

Hatchback Sizes:

  • Part No: 1/183 Hatchback: Fits vehicles up to 4.5m (L450xW140xH120cm)

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions N/A

1/180 Small, 1/182 Medium, 1/184 Large12, 1/186 Large11, 1/188 Extra-Large, 1/190 XXL, 1/191 XXXL, 1/183 Hatchback

7 reviews for Fully Waterproof Stormguard Sedan/Hatch Car Covers

  1. Kathy

    One of the best covers i have ever owned, Highly recommend

  2. Dennis

    Perfect Fit, nice material, Good cover

  3. Matt

    I have purchased 4 medium car covers over the years they will last about 12-18 in the open then brown stains appear that can’t be rubbed off, cracking occurs soon after. Why does it crack open so soon? Other than that a good cover.

  4. Steven Gerald

    Great Cover better then any other ones i have used

  5. Ben

    Lovely thick cover. Feels like it will last years

  6. Peter

    Absolutely love my stormguard cover

  7. Kevin Brenton

    Good cover ,much better than the eeeebaaaay specials but the sun really wrecks it ,lasted 18months ,turned brown and cracked and peeled .Not sure if anything will stand up to the Territory sun .

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