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Sticker Bomb Wolf Vinyl (152x100cm)

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Create your own style with this easy to apply professional grade Car Wrap. No need to pay for a full respray to change the look of your car, wrap it and keep both the new colour and your original colour underneath!

Easy to apply with a heat gun, or even a good hair dryer will do the trick. The vinyl molds around bends and tight corners with a bit of heat applied to it. The adhesive is non permanent, so it will allow you to remove the vinyl wrap without any damage to your original paint.

Personalise your car with your own style!

Sticker Bomb Wolf Vinyl

Part No: A0014 (1.52m x 1.0m)
Part No: A0014SM (120cm x 50cm)

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A0014 (1.5m x 1.0m), A0014SM (120cm x 50cm)


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