The ADS Filter element supplied in this air box is manufactured by using a 6 layer cotton technology.
The type and amount of cotton used in this filter is engineered to exceed stringent requirements for performance filtration. It will increase the effectiveness of the filter system and will remove contaminants. The filter is easy to clean and re-useable giving your vehicle optimum fuel economy and all-around performance.

  • The air box is suitable for most 4×4 vehicles and compatible with full guard, quarter guard, factory fitted and aftermarket snorkels applications.
  • Inlet and outlet sizing is 3.5inches (89MM)
  • The filter box has been constructed with lightweight aluminium material. The top plate can be rotated to suit multiple directions therefor suitable for all different custom 4×4 air filtering applications.
  • Please note when removing or refitting the top plate of the filter do so that a side to side cross action is used to lose or tightening the boltsEnsure the top plate is secure but €œDO NOT OVERTIGHTEN €
  • Note: when fitting the filter element in the air box ensure the flat part of the filter faces the top of the air box. See below photo €œA €œbelow
  • The air filter element can be washed in warm water, rinsed well, let to dry and refit to the air box..
  • A one way drainage valve system has been added to the air box.


We would advise that the air box be checked after water crossing or after heavy rain to ensure that the box is dry and the filter is clean for maximum performance. Water could enter the air box filter from the silicone joiners or the snorkels if not correctly tighten.


Due to the many snorkel styles and positioning of turbocharges, fuel injection and or diesel air input, we have supplied 2 x silicone straight joiners, 1 x 90degree silicone elbow and 1 x 30cm long aluminium pipe to cater for most fitment applications. If extra piping or silicone is required, must be purchased separately.

The kit is supplied with two universal brackets which can be used in most cases to attach the air box to the vehicle, by using the unique multi mounting holes system of the air box.  Note and carefully plan the position of the air box under the bonnet as this is of importance.

Plan correctly where the holes are to be drilled in order to mount the filter box to the vehicle, ensuring the inlet of the filter is pointing in the correct direction of air intake of your vehicle. The mounting holes on the air box will allow it to be placed in almost any position in the engine compartment.

Also enclosed with the kit are two brackets suitable for Y60 and Y61 Nissan engine compartment.  See Indication below of positioning the air box to engine compartment. The higher of the two brackets* is to be attached to the air box with the provided bolts and nuts. The higher bracket is multi drilled for under bonnet fitments preference. Select preferred drilled bracket position  €œPhoto A shows € bracket as it should be positioned to the filter box at the back of the head light €.

 The lower bracket should be attached to the opposite side of the higher bracket. This bracket can also be fitted upside down if it suits your application better.  €œSee Photo B €

Higher Bracket with rubber mounting blocks. Photo: A

Note: The below images are only a guidance as each fitment will have its own unique position.

*Due to the offset and height style of these brackets, more than likely they will suit other 4×4 vehicle. Similar procedures as above could be applied in setting the air box to the specific filtering system.



Note: When fitting the air box to the Nissan Y60/61, 3x7mm holes need to be drilled behind the passenger side head light in order to mount the air box. Ensure the holes to be drilled are in the correct position. Due to the several applications and positions that the air box can be fitted, we ask to plan the drilling points carefully. Ensure the inlet of the air box points towards the guard opening using the appropriate silicone joiner to attach to your snorkel application. Note: Some modification to the guard snorkel opening is needed. The top of the air box can swivel to the desired position. 3 x Rubber mounting blocks are supplied and they should be fitted under the brackets to prevent vibration to the air box.

ADS1 filter element is Interchangeable With filters:

Nissan 16546-VB300, Ryco A1412, Sakura FA1855, Donaldson P902298, Wesfil WA1033, Fleetguard AF27734, Repco RAF126





NOTE: The filter element used within the ADS2 and ADS3 AIR BOX is also suitable:


Vehicles Application:

*Nissan Patrol GU Y61 Series 1,2,3, 4.2L Turbo Diesel TD42T TCSY61,

UCLY61, UCNY61, WRGY61 99-07
Nissan Patrol GU Y61 Series 3,4 3.0L Turbo Diesel ZD30D TESY61, UELY61, UENY61, UERY61, UETY61 00-Current
Nissan Patrol GU Y61 Series 1  2.8L Turbo Diesel RD28Q TDSY61 97-00

ADS1 filter element is Interchangeable With filters:

Nissan 16546-VB300, Ryco A1412, Sakura FA1855, Donaldson P902298, Wesfil WA1033, Fleetguard AF27734, Repco RAF126


  • Air Filter  PART NO. ADS01
  • Better performance
  • 6 Layer cotton fabric Filter
  • Filter edges sealed with polyurethane rings for dust retention
  • Improves Air Flow
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Long life fully washable and re-usable filter

 The above air box can be replaced with the below listed air filters elements part No : Filter Part NISSAN No16546-VB300, Ryco A1412, Sakura FA1855, Wesfil WA1033, Fleetguard AF27734, Repco RA126

Brand Autotecnica
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.450m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.450m
Shipping Cubic 0.060750000m3

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